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To avoid heat and drought, most desert animals emerge from hiding during twilight and nighttime hours. What you might not see, you are more likely to hear, iF you can escape background noise that we have become so accustomed to—automobiles, air conditioners, generators, TV broadcasts, barking dogs, airplanes, etc. Noise is growing exponentially as humans continue to consume wild places. Our noise pollution disrupts normal behavior patterns of wildlife and our ability to listen to the pulse of our planet.

We are losing something basic and precious. Hopefully, this audio program will serve as a wake-up call for citizens and city planners to aggressively preserve open spaces in a natural state.

2-CD SET from Wild Horizons®, produced by Thomas Wiewandt and edited by Jeffrey Cravath. Packaged in a Recyclable, Eco-friendly CD Wallet.

“Very entertaining, educational, and extremely well done! Many bird voices were familiar to me, others an education. Howling coyotes and thunder, lightning and gushing rain . . . never heard surround sound so impressive before!” 

~ Angelika Siewert, Michigan customer

Disk 1 :: 40 minutes :: AN IMMERSIVE & RELAXING AUDIO PROGRAM WITH NO NARRATION, designed for continuous listening, based on 40 years of field observations and sound recording by the producer. Features a summer monsoon storm, 27 species of birds, 5 mammals, 1 reptile, 8 toads/frogs, and 4 insects.

Disk 2 :: 17 minutes :: AN EDUCATIONAL SPECIES INDEX, a narrated reference guide for listeners, with 55 sound clips of wildlife featured on Disk 1. Sound clips are alphabetized by species and are on separate, numbered tracks for easy access.

16-page Printed Booklet :: Contains project background information, all credits, and a list of species on Disc 2, alphabetized by common name, with each track number, scientific name, and Spanish name.

Sounds of the Sonoran Desert 2-CD set
plus Desert Dreams Video
($45 Value)

Desert Dreams Soundtrack CD
Sounds of the Sonoran Desert 2-CD set
($40 Value)

Sounds of the Sonoran Desert 2-CD set
plus Desert Dreams DVD Video
plus Comsic Fire DVD Video
($65 Value)