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World flute master Gary Stroutsos, the musician who created the music for DESERT DREAMS, brings haunting sounds from the forgotten past to life in this CD. Rim flutes are among the 29 musical instruments featured in this film.

These 7th Century flutes of Puebloan ancestry were discovered in 1931 by Earl Morris in caves of northeastern Arizona, the earliest known in the American Southwest. The originals are housed at the Arizona State Museum, and flute-maker Michael Allen crafted Gary’s flutes using measurements of these museum artifacts. The flutes’ haunting tones are refreshingly new in today’s music world but are as old as the ancient Puebloan ruins from which they came.

Echoes for Prayer Rock

Seven Improvisations

1. 6:11
2. 5:11
3. 2:45
4. 16:18
5. 3:29
6. 3:26
7. 10:15

Total Time: 48:00
© 2013 Gary Stroutsos

Echoes for Prayer Rock

Echos from Prayer Rock CD

Desert Dreams, Echoes from Prayer Rock

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Echos from Prayer Rock CD
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Cosmic Fire, Desert Dreams, Echoes from Prayer Rock, Moonlight Piano Event

3 DVD Videos + Music CD
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Echoes from Prayer Rock music CD (cardboard case)
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