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FOSSILS INSIDE OUT is our 34-yr labor of love, presented in a beautiful easy-to-understand format for all readers. Get SIGNED copies here.

This “coffee-table” book reaches beyond the basics by covering historical perspectives, laws that can confuse anyone, new imaging technologies, the art of fossil preparation, and much, much more. Most of the imagery (90%) has been selected from the author’s personal photographic archive, enhanced by some exceptional artwork from outside sources. Paleontologists, collectors, dealers, museums, and artists worldwide have generously helped to make this book possible.

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Fossils Inside Out, Wild Horizons

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© 2021 Wild Horizons Publishing, Inc. +++  First Hardcover Edition: ISBN 978-1-879728-08-0 +++  Size: 10×12 inches; 200pp  +++  329 color images (photographs & artwork) +++  14 maps, graphs, diagrams +++ Annotated List of Recommended Books +++  Comprehensive Index

Table of Contents

Fossils Inside Out, Wild Horizons, Author Tom Wiewandt, A Global Fusion of Science, Art, and Culture, Brings Fossil Industry to Life,
Fossils Inside Out, Wild Horizons, Author Tom Wiewandt, A Global Fusion of Science, Art, and Culture, Brings Fossil Industry to Life,

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR-PHOTOGRAPHER: Stemming from a passion for science and art (MS in Zoology, University of Arizona; Ph.D. in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University), Thomas Wiewandt has forged a career in educational media production and owns Wild Horizons Publishing. He lives in Tucson, home of the world’s largest Gem, Mineral, & Fossil Showcase. For 34 years, Tom has been photographing many of the finest fossils found in remote corners of the globe, the foundation for this book. His four films for NatGeo and the BBC earned him an Emmy Nomination in cinematography, four Cine Golden Eagles, & a Gold Apple Award; and his award-winning, independently produced film DESERT DREAMS: Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert has been aired on National Public Television as a pledge drive program (2015-2020). Tom is a member of the Author’s Guild, the American Society of Media Photographers, the Independent Book Publishers Association, and the Species Survival Commission of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

OUR BOOK DESIGNER: For over 25 years, Matthias Reinicke has been designing nature publications, interpretive exhibits, and outdoor signage, including many field guides and general natural history books. He and his partner Lara Minja own Lime Design Inc. (www.limedesign.ca), located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Matthias serves a niche market focused on information center exhibits and interpretive signage for municipalities and provincial parks. In 2017 he created a national traveling exhibition for the Royal British Columbia Museum, in collaboration with the Alliance of Natural History Museums of Canada. The exhibit features some of Canada’s most intriguing fossils. Matthias’ lifelong curiosity for biology and history began as a child growing up in Germany on the Baltic Sea coast, where he roamed beaches collecting amber and chalk cliff fossils.

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FOSSILS INSIDE OUT (Signed by Author)
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“. . . a seamless blend of art, scholarship, and storytelling. The fascinating variety of weird and wonderful creatures covered in this book through superb photography and informative, accessible text will leave readers pondering where we as a species have come from, and where we may be headed.”
~ Allison Alberts, PhD, Chief Conservation & Research Officer, San Diego Zoo Global

“Tom Wiewandt’s new work is a compositional masterpiece. Through photographs and words, he has captured the wonder and elegance of ancient life, while opening the door to the art and science of fossil preparation. Anyone who loves fossils needs this book.”
~ Peter Larson, American Paleontologist & Fossil Collector, President, Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Author of Rex Appeal: The Amazing Story of SUE

“Finally, a book about fossils conceived with deep passion and tons of very detailed
edu-scientific information. A dive into hundreds of exclusive never-before-published top quality images and little-known paleontology facts and stories. An elegant, one-of-a-kind publication, a must for every fossils lover! “
~ Stefano Piccini, PhD, Italian Paleontologist, Geologist, Educator, Publisher; President/CEO, GeoWorld Group

“. . . brilliantly covers the evolution of life and the planet. It also provides excellent images of fantastic never-before-seen fossils, accompanied by a lively narrative. It’s a beautiful book that will certainly sit on the table in my office!”
~ Mark Norell, PhD, Macaulay Curator of Paleontology, Chairman Division of Paleontology, American Museum of Natural History

Created with an artist’s eye, a scientist’s intellect, and an educator’s passion, Fossils Inside Out rekindles a sense of wonder in the natural world and our place in it—a rare book that’s a great solitary read or reference, filled with discoveries you’ll want to share with the children in your life.
~ Christine Conte, PhD, developer of educational programs in natural history, art, & culture. Executive Director of Tohono Chul botanical gardens & galleries, Tucson, AZ

A truly delightful volume! The vibrant text is crafted with laser focus and bright clarity. Even on a purely visual level, the sheer wonder of prehistoric life shines through. One can seldom say that a book speaks so successfully to younger and older. As a practicing (non-paleontologist) earth scientist, I was entranced.
~ Justin Wilkinson, PhD, Professor of Practice on the JETS Contract at NASA Johnson Space Center, a partnership with Texas State University