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This stunning documentary showcases the beauty and biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert without narration––a remarkable film that continues to be aired on national Public Television as a pledge drive program (2015-present).

DESERT DREAMS showcases 182 species of plants and animals in a five-season chronology. The soundtrack combines natural sounds with a kaleidoscope of world flute and percussion vignettes by composer Gary Stroutsos. Viewers of all ages find the film engaging and educational; and because of its unusual format, DESERT DREAMS is well suited to blended/interdisciplinary learning. Even those who suffer from PTSD say this film is therapeutic. Cats & dogs love it too!

DESERT DREAMS was Winner in three international film festivals and was nominated for two top honors in Germany’s Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival––Best Independent Production and Best Music.

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Desert Dreams, Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert

Copyright 2012 by Wild Horizons Productions
Genre: Educational nature documentary without narration
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (mastered from 1080p HD)
NTSC format, Region 0; works on US & European players
Running Time: 52 minutes
Packaging: DVD in Amaray case; UPC Code 620969-99404-4
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Desert Dreams, Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert. DESERT DREAMS COLORING BOOK features Sonoran Desert plants and animals, by Thomas Wiewandt,

Desert Dreams DVD
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Reviews of Desert Dreams

“A beautiful meditation on nature’s harmony in what is perhaps America’s most under-appreciated landscape.”
~ Ken Burns, American Documentary Filmmaker

“Desert Dreams . . . could only have been made by someone who has spent years in the landscape, fine-tuning a naturalist’s eye. This film brings you intimately close to rare and beautiful moments and gently invites you to feel the pulse of the seasons. This film is created with deep love and profound respect and lets the desert speak for itself — let it strengthen your resolve to become a steward of the desert.”
~ John Muir Laws / Naturalist, Author, Artist, & Educator

“. . . beautifully done. Your approach to sound makes it something I would watch over and over. My 8-year old son, who only watches a few films by choice—most often Disneyʻs Fox & the Hound, Cars, and Cars 2, insisted that we watch it. He loved it, sat completely engrossed, oblivious to all else going on. Superb production!
~ Greg Budney, Curator of Audio, Macaulay Library, Cornell University

“Your video is spectacular; it’s your best work ever! It will be a big hit with people like me who are familiar with the subject matter. I think that naive viewers will also comprehend the story, but even if they don’t, they should be mesmerized by the visuals and music. It’s such a refreshing change from most other nature programs with their exaggerated, often anthropomorphic narration.”
~ Mark Dimmitt, PhD, former Director of Natural History at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

What a powerful gift to all who are fortunate enough to witness this visual experience. Can’t thank you enough. There were so many moments that were just stunning. I have never been so drawn into something quite like I was with this. Again, thank you.
~ Wylie Baker, Hospice Social Worker

Part of the power of this film is the lack of narration, for sure. Good call! There’s too much talking in the world. It was a relief to have all those beautiful images wash over us without chatter, outside mediation of the experience. Silence is Space.
~ Deb Francine-Hills, Museum Gift Shop Buyer & Marketing Specialist