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A high-quality coloring book with photo-realistic illustrations for fans of our popular film DESERT DREAMS: Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert.

Our DESERT DREAMS COLORING BOOK features Sonoran Desert plants and animals in natural settings, a great companion to our DESERT DREAMS film on DVD. In it you’ll find desert wildlife and plants seen in our award-winning video; a desert tortoise eating prickly pear fruit and a roadrunner feeding its chicks, for example.

Conceived and Edited by Thomas Wiewandt
Copyright 2021 by Wild Horizons Publishing
2nd Edition (softcover): ISBN 978-1-879728-09-7
Size: 9×12 inches; 12pp
12 photo-realistic illustrations, perfect for framing
Bound in a folder; Printed in Arizona

Desert Dreams Coloring Book

Desert Dreams DVD
Desert Dreams Coloring Book
($30 Value)

Desert Dreams Coloring Book
Desert Dreams DVD
Hidden Life of the Desert Book
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Click on thumbnail of each illustration below to see color photos and natural history notes for these plants and animals.



Mule Deer

Silk Moth

Gila Monster



Harris Hawk



Bat & Elf Owl


Praise for Desert Dreams Coloring Book

“I was pleased to recently receive as a gift a copy of Desert Dreams Coloring Book. The coloring pages are beautifully rendered showing many of the animals I enjoyed seeing in the film Desert Dreams : Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert by Thomas Wiewandt.

If this book had been available when I was a school teacher, I would have used both it and the film to teach my students about the amazing Sonoran Desert and its fascinating wildlife.

There is another coloring book with the same title, Desert Dreams. It is illustrated by Geninne D. Zlatkin and published by Amber Lotus. Its illustrations are cute, however I prefer the more sophisticated illustrations in the Desert Dreams Coloring Book published using scenes from the film by Thomas Wiewandt.”
~ Susan O., Tucson Arizona, reviewer on Amazon.com

“This coloring book is delightful, the illustrations are beautiful and it’s printed on thick, high quality paper. My 3 year old also loves it. I love that it is printed in Arizona and is linked to a website where you can learn more about the plants and animals shown in the pictures. A lovely coloring book that is also educational about the beautiful Sonoran desert. You can tell a lot of care went into making it. Highly recommended!”
~ J. Jannusch, reviewer on Amazon.com